MAG Work Update

Summer 2021

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Eva Law, Founder of AFO

Dear members, connectors and followers,

I am very glad our MAG came in shape at a relatively fast pace.  Since reaching out in May and articulating what AFO wants to achieve, we have gained overwhelming responses and support from passionate friends. In 3 months' time, our MAG has been set up and kick-started our meaningful work.  Taking the chance, I would like to advise our achievement and progress.

Key milestone

  • Council of AFO has quickly resolved the terms of reference of MAG in May

  • MAG has 2 workstreams, 11 sub-groups,  22 executives, and 4 patrons.



  • Philanthropy and Legacy, facing affluent communities and their family offices

  • Sustainability and SDGs Pursuance, facing family enterprises and responsible business corporations



  • MAG has formed 11 subgroups and start working on deliverables.

  • Subgroup 1: Philanthropy Exchange 

  • Subgroup 2: Vehicle Set-Up & Grant Management

  • Subgroup 3: Community Engagement 

  • Subgroup 4: Next-Gen Engagement 

  • Subgroup 5: Technology Development 

  • Subgroup 6: Donar & Patron Engagement 

  • Subgroup 7: Program Management 

  • Subgroup 8: Awareness & Promotion

  • Subgroup 9: Sustainability Programs Management

  • Subgroup 10: SDG Implementation Management

  • Subgroup 11: Cross Divisions Issue Management


  • We have recruited 22 passionate professionals & organizations from family offices and related specialty sectors who come from the global world.  Our MAG executives are all volunteers working with AFO in achieving our missions and goals. 



  • We have recruited 4 responsible corporations supporting our missions and our ongoing development work.

  • CCdigits helping us to develop the Philanthropy Technology software that will open the tool to all philanthropists and NGOs for free.

  • Central Club offering a venue to us for conducting private events engaging family offices, next-generation leaders and other key stakeholders.

  • Irostors offering our AFO members, connectors, engaged philanthropy organizations the free use of the fund-raising portal access.

  • Give 2 Asia supporting AFO to engage next generation of ultra-affluence and responsible corporation

We have completed 4 general meetings and rounds of sub-group meetings and started discussing with external developers and organizations for work-related agenda.


Major decisions are made via voting where consensus from executives would be sought for yielding buy-in to work deliverables.  In this approach, our executives are geared to work toward our common goals. 


Before closing, I would like to thank all our MAG executives and patrons once again for their generosity and commitment offered to AFO in achieving the visions we share.   


Eva Law
AFO Founder