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Our mission is working with stakeholders in creating a better world.  We wish to be useful and be trusted.  We support the vision pursuance and address the diversified needs of the affluent families, their family offices and the institutions that serve them. 

With this aspiration, AFO has commitment in : 

  • Launching advocacy and engagement programs to support family offices in crafting their legacy while creating a sustainability future of the world. 

  • Establishing AFO Missions Action Group in living up our generic roles serving family offices with substance, being trusted and being capable to serve affluence communities and their corporations in a circular economy.  

  • Promoting the industry and advocating members to practise the highest ethical standard and deliver customers with professional & reliable financial services.

  • Researching with particular interests in the long-term development of the industry, regulatory policies & the effectiveness and the competition in Asia and in the global arena.

  • Enhancing the communication and engagement among family offices in the region and establishing an effective network for business collaboration and for co-investing.

  • Supporting the constant exchange among the practitioners practising in the region and building the platform to enable the communication & networking among players.

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